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Khyber Agency is one of the seven agencies in FATA region of Pakistan. FATA both historically and traditionally had a unique administrative and political status from the British times since 1849. However, in 1893, a demarcation was raised with Afghanistan called Durand Line. They controlled the area through a combination of effective Political Agents and tribal elders, while leaving the people with their traditions and internal independence. Pakistan inherited this system and more or less continues with it even today.

Khyber Agency is named after the world famous Khyber Pass, which has served as a gateway to connect the Asian sub-continent with the Central Asia through Afghanistan. The location of this pass has given the agency and its people worldwide recognition. Khyber Agency has an area of 2,576 sq kilometers and a population of 546,730 (1998 census, GoP). It is subdivided into 3 administrative units known as Agency Tehsils namely Bara, Jamrud and Landi-Kotal

The majority of the tribes in this agency are Afridis, of which there are eight major sub-tribes. However, there are important pockets of Mallagoris (Mohmand) Shilmanis, and Shinwaries. Shinwaries live on both sides of the Pakistan Afghan border but are predominantly in Afghanistan.
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Office of the Political Agent, Khyber Agency, Qayyum Stadium Road, Peshawar Cantt, Pakistan Telephone: 92-91-9211901-5